Nothing is so valued by us as professional Realtors as the opinions of our clients, after the sale:



 "In the world of buying and selling real estate, whether a primary residence or investment property its vital that you partner with a top caliber professional agent and broker. Getting it right is complicated, and getting it wrong can be devastating and literally cost you millions. Particularly these days. When I've needed a partner I could really count on; someone to help me sift through complexity and implement a winning strategy; where getting it right was the ONLY option, I've turned to Linda & Kevin, and have always thanked my lucky stars for knowing them.


Listen, the fact is that nobody knows the SF Bay Area real estate market better than Linda & Kevin, period. In the 15 years I've lived, worked and invested in the area, I've met nobody who is as knowledgeable, as connected and as professionally equipped to help you manage the process so successfully. If you're buying or selling real estate in the SF Bay Area, partner with Linda & Kevin and you can count on every detail being handled so you end up with a big win."


Steve Little, Zero Limits Ventures 10/2013


“Linda and Kevin have been very active in their marketing of our property; readily available when needed, responsive to our emails and telephone calls, and enthusiastic in their representation of us. They have marketed our property not only locally, but through publications covering the Bay Area and beyond. Our property has unique qualities that are not readily apparent, but Linda and Kevin have been able to showcase all aspects of it to interested parties.”


Tucker Stanwood and Karen Shaw 2013


“Linda and Kevin are so professional and likable that it makes the entire real estate transaction much easier to deal with. They truly listened to our needs and never pushed us to make a hasty decision. Their extensive experience makes them experts at giving insight and guidance in the complicated market of today, including short sales and bank repossessions. They are honest and hard-working, earning our complete trust and respect. Thanks Linda and Kevin!”


- The Myers 12/2012


“I have the utmost confidence in Linda as a real estate agent. She is VERY professional, competent and knowledgeable. Her expertise and integrity was truly amazing! She helped me with some very challenging negotiations and I would definitely choose to work with her again on any real estate transaction.”


Kathy Novelo 9/2012


"I have bought and sold over a dozen properties in my life and never have I met a more phenomenal and competent real estate agent.  Linda has a knowledge about how to buy and sell real estate that I have not seen in the past.  We have worked together for years and I am impressed every time with how she is able to represent me in every role.  Buying or selling a house has huge implications and it's crucial that I have someone that I trust and know will protect me.  I HIGHLY recommend Linda and Kevin!!!"


Barry Rhein  7/10/2012


"In 2011 my wife and I began acquiring properties in the Gilroy area as core holdings in our investment portfolio. By utilizing Linda Pond’s real estate expertise we feel we acquired quality properties, at great prices, in very sound locations. Linda’s ability to identify properties, work with sellers to get a contract, and get transactions closed in what is a very difficult market proved invaluable to meeting our real estate investment needs. Anyone who is considering a real estate purchase as their personal residence or as an investment opportunity should consider Linda as their real estate advisor and broker."


Greg Myers  7/16/2012